Violin Posture when SITTING DOWN in an Orchestra | Violin Lounge TV #390

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Play Comfortably | 12 comments

You can have a correct and comfortable violin posture when sitting down even during long rehearsals and concerts:

I the video I explain how to play the violin seated properly

I show two mistakes a lot of violin players make while sitting down and how to avoid them.

Also I bust the myth about that you can’t practice the violin properly when seated.

I explain why your teacher might oppose you practicing while sitting down.

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Hi! I'm Zlata

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Whether you play in an orchestra or like to sit down while practicing, I hope this video lesson has been useful to you.

Do you practice the violin sitting down? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Robert Virden

    Thank you for this video Zlata. I have a bad back due to the military and can’t stand for more than about 10 minutes. I would try to stand longer but I can’t. I sit to practice and try to keep a reasonably straight back. Ever now and again I will find myself sloughing and have to stop and sit up properly. Now, I don’t have feel guilty about not standing. Have a wonderful day with your husband and children.

    • Dixie

      I have played sitting down forever
      I’m 78 and my back is not strong when standing. My violin teacher directed us in a group lesson and we were all sitting down

  2. David

    Zlata, I received this video and thanks for sending it to me!

  3. Vivienne

    Thank you Zlata for emphasising that one can sit down to practice the violin or viola. I used to stand whilst practising but am not able to do that now due to my back problem. Sadly I tire much sooner, so I have to practice for a shorter period, but I don’t want to give up yet! I am just 72 young!!

  4. kathy housand schrieber

    Thank you for this, I was just about to ask the question! I practice sitting down because at 68 I get too tired. But I noticed all videos people post playing they are all standing up. But I will be more mindfull of my posture now! Also I cross my legs at the knee sometimes, what about that?

    • Violinist Zlata Brouwer

      If you play comfortably crossing your legs, that of course ok (as long as it doesn’t twist your spine or gets in the way of your bowing), but it’s sort of a no-go in violin playing. So if you ever go play in an orchestra, don’t cross your legs. Instead cross them at the ankles as I show in the video.

  5. John Norton

    Zlata you made a very good point, and so quickly I almost missed it, about sitting up straight and not arching your lower back to a hollow position. I realize I tend to do this to avoid the slouching unhealthy position. Now I realize that is simply overcompensation to avoid slouching. So the word is “Keep your lower back straight as well as the rest of it, and don’t let it bend forward nor back. But keep is flexible without stiffness”. That makes a simple but amazing difference and of course favorably affects the violin playing position as well. And such tiny details make a significant difference in the aches and pains we always want to avoid in violin playing. Yes. I had to go back in the video and see where you pointed that out, several times. Now I’m likely to stay aware of it as part of each practice session. I really appreciate that “tip” from you. Also, you and your hubby and two little one are certainly one beautiful family. Thank you for sharing them all those smiles with us.


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