le Cygne (the Swan) from ‘le Carnaval des Animaux’ by Camille Saint-Saëns

Performed by Zlata Brouwer (viola) and Mariusz Kustra (piano)

This Summer I bought a beautiful German viola for my violin shop in Holland.

I loved it’s sound so much that it inspired my to play the Swan

The only problem was… I don’t play viola. I practiced just this melody for a couple of days (and some scales). Probably real violists will find my bowing technique and vibrato too violinistic, but sometimes it’s good to just follow your inspiration and play with it.

I enjoyed this big beauty and the music very much, but the viola is not mine to keep. We had a short affair and I hope you enjoy the result.

Click here to download the sheet music for viola.

Click here for the piano accompaniment I used, so you can play along yourself.