Improve your bowing technique and tone production to pour artistry and expression in your violin playing

Learn to get a professional sound by changing the ignition point of your bow movement

Your fingertips should lead your bow movement and your right arm should follow

The ignition point of the bow movement is the leading place that starts your bow movement. This should be in your finger tips and not in your wrist, elbow, arm or shoulders.

In the first years of violin playing your arm tends to be very dominant. As you develop your bowing technique you refine the movement.

When you start your bow movement at your finger tips, your motions become more precise, more fluent and more efficient.

Martelé and spiccato become a lot easier and sound better when you initiate the movement in your fingertips as I demonstrate in the video.

You can bow more smoothly in detaché and legato and get a deeper sound as you smoothen the bow changes with your fingers. Also you can improve the resonance of your violin and bow by not letting your arm get in the way of the sound.

It might take some time to get used to this, but start experimenting with your bow movement and your sound.

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