Why do strings matter?

by | Apr 6, 2013

Strings are important, but lots of string players forget about this. In this video I explain why they are important and demonstrate the difference between good strings and bad strings.

Strings are important for the colour of your sound, but also for your intonation. I would like to share 3 aspects to take into account when buying new strings. 

Firstly, strings should not be made from thin steel. This material is very hard and small. This can cut in your fingers. Secondly, strings should be equally made. Strings that are not equally made, will not be able to keep tone. To learn how to keep tone, it is therefore very important to have properly made strings. Thirdly, bad strings will not last long and snap, for example. 

I hope this video is useful to you!


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Product information:

Strings can make a big difference for the sound and playability of your violin

Most valued features:

  • Sound
  • Feeling under your fingertips
  • Tuning stability

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