[Video] Practice makes Perfect… does it? Practice Journal Review | Violin Lounge TV #258

by | Jul 18, 2017 | 4 comments

Do you have specific goals when you practice?

Do you track your progress daily?

In this episode of Violin Lounge TV I review the Practice Journal, in which you can set specific goals for your practice and track your progress.

In the video I explain how this journal can get you better results from your practice sessions:

I want to mention that I think music is a privilege to learn and to me it is a life long project so don’t beat yourself down if you don’t see visible results right away. This is an art form we work on learn to embrace and love the process and you’ll find yourself achieving another level of playing. Like fine wine, your playing will naturally get better throughout the years! – Brett

What’s your biggest takeaway from this video? Share it in the comments below!

Product information


The Practice Journal will change the way you practice. Based on extensive research, the journal is designed to help you practice smarter and more efficiently. Included are contributions by world-class soloists and pedagogues, so you can practice like the very best. Side effects may include: faster progress, less stress, time saved and more confidence!

Most valued features:

  • Usefulness
  • Results
  • Looks
  • Price


  1. Anne

    Thankyou Zlata, for the commendation – I had purchased the Journal but as it is so lovely in it’s presentation I haven’t yet actually written in it!! I will get it out today and start 🙂

  2. Ken Gill

    Hey Zlata,
    I think his is great. Anything to make learning more effective not to forget more fun.


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