How does the adjustment make your violin, viola or cello sound and play good?

by | Apr 12, 2013

What is adjustment?And why is it important? In this video I walk you through the most important details in the adjustment of a violin, viola or cello, which make an instrument playable and sound good.

The chin rest and shoulder rest should fit your body. Otherwise, you risk getting in pain, which might even make you stop playing.

With cheap violins you have to make sure that the button at the bottom of the violin is fitted well, so it does not get loose. Moreover, the loop of the tailpiece must be strong enough. In cheap violins these often snap, which can be dangerous.

Preferably. your tail piece is a Wittner Ultra tailpiece with 4 fine-tuners, especially as a beginner. 

The bridge is also important as it gives the vibrations of the strings through to the body of the instrument. The bridge should make sure that the difference between the strings is the same everywhere. It should also not be too thick and made of good quality wood. Additionally, the feet of the bridge should also fit the shape of the body of the instrument perfectly, so it does not slide.  

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Product information:

For a violin to sound good, it must be well adjusted by a professional craftsman.

Most valued features:

  • Fitting Bridge
  • Fitting fingerboard
  • Fitting pegs
  • Good quality wood

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