Mindset for Music with Jennifer Roig-Francoli | Violin Lounge TV #270

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NB: Please note that Violin Lounge (me, Zlata) just did this interview with Jennifer. I haven’t followed or reviewed her courses. I received some notes of people enrolled in a very expensive program en not getting the results they were after. If you take a course with Jennifer or anyone else, use your own common sense to judge if it will get you the promised results and if it’s worth the price.

How do you stay in touch with your love of music in practicing and performing on the violin?

How do you enjoy playing for an audience and express yourself through your music?

Jennifer Roig-Francoli is an inspiring violinist and Alexander technique teacher with a big heart and a lot of love for music.

In this interview we talk about how people focus too much on the technique of playing and wind up with a lot of tension and frustration, while there’s a way to get better results and experience more ease and joy.

Lots of violin players think they have to master the playing technique first and that the expression and love comes later. It’s exactly the other way around. Your mind controls your body. By starting with WHY you make music and play the violin and by expressing your emotions through music, the technique will follow and can get to a much higher level.

Jennifer’s been a concert violinist for decades and as an Alexander technique teacher she teaches violin players of all levels to express their love of music through their mind, body, their whole self and their instrument.

I felt so inspired interviewing her and I hope watching the interview below will fuel you in the same way.

What’s your biggest insight you gained from this interview? Share it in the comments below!


  1. Susan

    I started the wrong way, by not focusing on my love for music and the reason for practising so hard. The second important thing is that most people do not find it easy to perform with other people listening, not only me. This give me hope to overcome my fears! Thankyou so much for this video Zlata and your guest!

  2. Thisbe

    Jennifer encouraged me to focus on the deeper reasons of practicing technical stuff. After watching this video I had an idea: if I play scales I try to play them as beautiful as possible. I imagine I am on stage in a great dress and the whole audience is blown away by my amazing scale performance. And the funny thing is: it works!!!



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