1 Hour video about how to bow smoothly with a beautiful sound

Questions and answers about bow hold, creating a good sound, double stops, silent bow changes, string changes, tilting the bow and much more!

I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to help violin players from Australia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, United States, Canada, Mexico, India, Germany and Spain with their playing in this live Q&A:

If there is ONE thing I want you take a away from this Q&A it’s this:

High level bowing technique and tone creation are learnable skills

All violin players can learn the techniques and apply them in beautiful music, expressing their emotions through the violin. You just need to know the exact steps to get there from the level you’re currently at.

Bow like a Pro is a beautiful place online where you can go anytime you want for step by step lessons and detailed practice plans to learn all possible bowing techniques, create a beautiful tone and express yourself through your music. Enrolling gives you lifetime access to an ever expanding online violin school, where you can focus on HOW you play instead of WHAT you play to boost your current practice routine and lessons.

Besides being a teacher specialized in bowing and tone myself, Bow like a Pro’s guest teachers are top soloists sharing their secrets. Also we take countless examples from the greatest violinists of all time and break down how it’s done and how you can do it too.

As you’ve seen from the students in this live Q&A ‘Bow like a Pro’ is not only for advanced and professional players, but can benefit beginners and violin players of all levels. Click here to read more and enroll!

For now I wish you joy and good results from applying what you’ve learned in this Q&A. Share in the comments below what tip you are going to apply in your next practice session!