Heavens NO vs Hell Yes

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Yay to the naysayers!

Ever had a coach who said to only go for ‘hell yes’? How did that work out?

For me real breakthroughs in creativity, business and life came not from the ‘hell yes’, but from the ‘heavens no’.

Saying yes is easy and much rewarded in our culture. Saying no can ruffle some feathers. You can say ‘yes’ without explaining yourself, but have you ever said ‘no’… just NO, without explaining yourself?

Saying yes to opportunities is mostly easy for ambitious hard working people, but have you ever said ‘no’ to a seemingly great opportunity? Ever stopped something you were successful at?

Saying yes to everybody and offering everything made me popular, but drained.

heavens no vs hell yes

Hi! I'm Zlata

I'm writing a book about how I got more freedom and time for myself, because I had 3 babies in 1,5 year. Interested?

As a business owner, things really started to take off when I said NO to my violin shop, my violin studio and my webshop.

It was when I stopped something successful, that I created space for something better.

As a violinist, truly interesting and creative projects started when I said no to my orchestra job, ensemble gigs and stopped practicing just for the next concert.

As a teacher, I could truly make a difference when I stopped my violin studio with four teachers and focussed on creating online lessons on bowing technique and musical expression.

Heavens NO created the lifestyle and gave me the fulfillment I desired.

Creativity needs space.

Things you desire need space to come into your life.

Plants need to be pruned in order to grow. No beautiful flowers can grow amidst weed.

When you look deep inside your heart… what/whom do you secretly want to say no to?


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