Review of the DVD box created by Simon Fischer about making a beautiful sound on your violin by playing with proportions.

Improve your bowing technique by balancing weight, speed and contact point.

Get optimal resonance on your violin by playing with proportions

The DVD box shows countless examples of Simon working with students to improve their bowing and tone production on the violin, viola, cello and double bass. Also he explains how your instruments works and how sound is to created, so you can optimize your sound yourself.

They key to constantly improve your violin playing, is to play with proportions. In tone creation, play with speed, weight and contactpoint. In vibrato, play with wide or narrow and speed. In spiccato, play with height and length.

This DVD box teaches a great basis to developing a good bowing technique and tone creation. If you’re looking for a program that discovers this, but also covers learning all possible bowing techniques in classical music with examples from the greatest violinists, consider ‘Bow like a Pro’.