Does Your Practice Make Perfect? 5 Tips…

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Shirley writes:


I am a violinist and now retired violin teacher. I have a friend who has been playing about 10 years and is not progressing as she feels she should. I have seen her play and have given her some advice as her request on bowing. For some reason, so many violin players feel that they must play fast from the beginning but it is going slow and being accurate that creates the good sounds. Maybe a session about how to practice if you have not covered that already including going slow, working small sections of the music, concentrating on the hard spots before ever trying to go fast!

My friend asked me how I play with such beautiful sound and I tried to explain the hours of just working with the bow to create that sound!

Thank you and I love your videos!!! Very good and very informative!

Shirley Vatter

In this video I share with you 5 tips to make your practice more effective and efficient, so your practice will make perfect:

1) Play something slow before you play it fast
2) Be very accurate while practicing
3) Play separate technical studies, etudes, exercises and scales
4) Play small sections and concentrate on the hard spots
5) Manage your expectation level, be happy with every small progress

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