Jeremias asks:

I saw your video on selecting bows and it got me thinking. My music teacher always says that when I’m playing I’m playing in the wrong part of the bow.

I play my violin on the top half of my bow most of the time subconsciously but when the style of the music demands it I play with the rest. I still use my entire bow for dynamics even though it tends to lean on the upper half.

Is it ok to continue or should I put more effort into changing my bowing style?

(I don’t know if this is relevant but I think it might be because I have a younger teacher that plays the cello)

First of all: there is no right or wrong part of the bow!

Watch this video in which I talk about when to bow with which part of the bow.

Do you choose the part of your bow based on the lack of bowing technique or on what the music demands? How to distinguish this?

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