If you’re interested you’ll do what is convenient; If you’re committed you’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES

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15 years ago as a beginning violin teacher, I was disappointed by students who came to the lesson without having practiced

I started to doubt my calling to teach and was insecure about my ability to motivate. I believed all their excuses and was extremely understanding.

Today I know better. Violin playing is so difficult that it’s not for everybody… it’s only for the committed

Even without special talents or without starting right out of the womb, you can learn to play beautifully… but only if you’re committed. Only if you’re really willing to do what it takes.

You have to be in for the long haul, for the marathon. Just like starting your own business, you won’t see results for the first years perhaps. Still you have to go on and try harder and smarter.

Hi! I'm Zlata

Classical violinist helping you overcome technical struggles and play with feeling by improving your bow technique.

Nowadays I don’t care at all if a student doesn’t practice

Clearly they don’t really want to learn this instrument and that’s ok. If they’re small children, it’s the parents who have to guide them daily at home. If they’re adults, I just shrug my shoulders and if it happens more often, I refer them to another teacher.

I’ve practiced in my car, at the weirdest hours and in times that I didn’t see results or my playing got worse. I went through and now can make a living from the thing I love doing most. Now I can play all the music I feel inspired to play.

Difficulties are just God checking in if you really want something.

If you have difficulty practicing daily or persevering in whatever it is you (think you) want… try to feel in your heart if you’re really committed or if you’re just interested.

What are you committed to?


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