bigstock_thee_massage_stones_-_relax_b_16382039Something that you might not know about me, is that I am a reiki master. I have always been sceptic about this woo woo stuff and the first reiki course I attended was a total coincidence.

Some years ago I was interested in meditation to relax and to focus, so I decided to follow a mediation course in which we got to know different kinds of meditation. Amongst these types was the chakra meditation. I thought it was total bullsh*t nonsense, but did it anyway.

To me it was magic what happened: I felt the different chakra’s just by going there with my attention. Sometimes I felt a tickle or a heart beat or a flow. I was amazed. It was the best meditation of all the meditation types that I tried out.

The teacher told us that if we would be interested in working with energy, we should follow a reiki course.

So… I ended up in a reiki course and was totally amazed about the energy that could be felt and exchanged. I ended up in another reiki course and another… I first learned to heal myself, then to heal others and finally to initiate others as a reiki master. I wanted to know and experience more and more. During the last course I did an internship where I healed and initiated lots of people.

Working with the reiki energy inspired me to work with another (or the same) type of energy: music.

Just after my reiki master training I composed seven solo violin pieces, inspired by the seven chakra’s.

The pieces are very rubato and very free. I would really like to encourage people to take this freedom to really make the pieces ‘their own’ and adjust it to their own feelings. There is absolutely no official way to play these pieces. Please see them as an inspiration to improvise in any way you like. I will just send them away to you and hope they will evolve into very beautiful stuff.

I am very curious what will happen to ‘my baby’s’. If you have made a nice version or interpretation, please share it in the comments and perhaps link to one of your video’s.

I would like to share the sheet music with you for free!

Please just click on the links below to visit the chakra posts with the free sheet music:



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