5 Tips on Beautiful Tone Creation on the Violin | Violin Lounge TV #264

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Learn to play the violin with a beautiful sound!

In this video violin lesson I teach you 5 tips to improve your sound on the violin

Tip 1: Bow Straight

There must be a 90 degree angle between the string and your bow while bowing. In order to do this, you must move your wrist up and bend your fingers on the upbow and stretch your fingers on the downbow. With a stiff bow hand it’s really difficult to bow straight.

Tip 2: Bow Fluently

With a stiff wrist and fingers you get the typical beginner sound. When you move your wrist and fingers fluently along with the straight movement of the bow, the violin and bow can resonate better and you’ll create a full sound.

Tip 3: Bow in the String with Weight

Some people have superficial sound. When you transfer the weight of your arm through your index finger into the bow, you get a fuller deeper tone with core. It’s important to use weight and not pressure, as the sound will be different.

Tip 4: Save your Bow

Don’t bow with the whole bow all the time, because it sounds restless, uncontrolled and superficial. When you save your bow a little bit and bow in the string (see tip 4), you can a sound with more core and depth.

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Tip 5: Put Down your Left Hand Fingers Firmly

Besides bowing, clear articulation with your left hand fingers is also important to create a good sound on the violin.

Don’t place your fingers flat on the string or too softly. Really hit the string with your finger tips, so you can hear them coming down on the string. However, don’t tense up your hand and squeeze the neck of your violin.

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  1. Thisbe

    To save my bow A LITTLE, like you adviced, was exactly the detail I needed to improve my sound and to get back in control. It is all in the details…


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