In this video I review the Trala App which provides violin lessons on your phone, checks if you’re playing in tune and tells you if you should play the note higher or lower.

During lessons I tell students to play their notes higher, lower, higher, lower all the time… Isn’t there an app for that? Now there is!

The Trala App offers violin lessons on every level and has a big library of sheet music it can check you on.

When you play through exercises in a lesson or through a piece, the app stops you when you play out of tune and tells you to play higher or lower. It’s a fast and accurate check on your intonation and you can use it as a beginner as well as when playing violin concerto’s (and every level in between).

Practicing with the Trala App is motivating, playful and fun because of encouraging messages and ‘game’ like exercises. It’s great to combine with private lessons or my online courses to ad some pitch feedback to your practice sessions.

Download the Trala App, test it and share your experience in the comments!