Beautifully sounding hand made European violins

  • Did you once buy a violin or viola that 'will do' and doesn’t?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the enormous choice in violins, viola's and bows?
  • Do you long to express your emotions in music, create your own beautiful sound, enjoy your playing and take your violin or viola playing to the next level?

A violin can make you love or hate playing the violin.

I have seen so many people struggling, buying the wrong instrument… thinking it’s them when something goes wrong… and being so disappointed.

No… I want all your violin dream to come true! I would wish for you that you could have all the joy in violin playing that I had in my life until now.

Even for me finding a playable and payable instrument for students and clients always has been a struggle.

Only shortly I have found the ideal beginner instrument. Luckily for me and my students (and you as you are reading this page!) I have found an end to the struggles.

How important is it to have a good quality violin or viola and bow?

  • Your playing skills develop faster as your equipment doens't hold you back, but helps you instead
  • You have no fuss with wood deforming, parts not fitting and other drama's that make your instrument unplayable
  • You create a beautiful tone and can expand your expression, technique and repertoire
  • You have a musical friend for life!
Heather Broadbent

Besides being an excellent violinist – Zlata is extremely professional and reliable. She gets the job done and you can count on her for being punctual with the delivery of your instrument anywhere in the world.

Zlata has found quality violins at EXTREMELY competitive prices.

Seriously, when I first Skyped with her and she played her beginner violins for me I was surprised at the price point for the quality.

I knew it was possible to find quality violins for this price point because I knew they existed in the world – I just didn’t know how to connect with them until I found Zlata.

I feel 100 % confident in presenting Zlata Brouwer and her violins to my current and future Online Violin Students.

Heather Broadbent Online Violin Education

I searched world wide for almost ten years...

My story so far...

When I began teaching the violin over ten years ago I was frustrated that I just couldn’t find well sounding, playable instruments for a reasonable price for my students.

I didn’t want any more Chinese factory instruments for my students after some bad experiences, but European luthier instruments were so expensive! Students couldn’t pay for the instrument I would like them to have.

By coincidence I discovered a small Czech luthier shop. I bought my own concert violin with a Czech violin maker. Actually my parents bought it for me when I was aged 15 years and we were visiting my family in Czech. I love this instrument, but my students couldn’t possibly afford such an instrument.

When searching on the internet on the name of the maker of my violin, I discovered that now he was working in a small workplace with a couple of other violin makers… and they had introduced a brand of student violins!

Please see here more about this workplace:

The most simple student violin they offer is made of selected tone wood and sounds very nice, warm and modest. The sound is well balanced over de strings, which means that the sound quality of each string is consistent. I was so happy to find this and lots of students are so happy playing on them!

These are the violins that I have currently available for sale...

Watch the demonstration videos below!

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