SOLD: Fiddlerman Artist Viola Set 16 inch

I used this viola set for some content around violin vs viola and used it a few weeks. Apart from that the set is new and complete. It comes with a really fancy case, bow, shoulder rest, practice mute, viola bag, rosin and tuner. 

This viola is sold. However, you can still buy a brand new one at


  1. Terry Armstrong

    Well done playing the viola for short time after playing violin so well. I tried viola from violin, and had to take lessons to help me focus. That viola has a lovely tone. So pretty with Swan. Love the deep tones. My viola is a 15”, and doesn’t sound full, nor as beautiful as that one. I did my the Fiddlerman Amati, like a piccolo violin. I love it. Now, learning Cello.

    • Zlata



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