Performance by violinist Zlata Brouwer of the violin solo theme from the movie Schindler’s List, composed by John Williams

Music will never be perfect, but that’s not what it’s about… it’s about expressing your emotions, telling a story and touching people’s hearts… or experiencing the magic of playing together and sharing the beauty of music.

When I share a video like this… it’s like my heart and soul are on the street… right there for everybody to see… it feels naked and vulnerable… it raises all kinds of doubts about myself, my playing, my ‘talent’… but I share it anyway, because music needs to be shared..

Sometimes we are so busy with the technique… with getting things right… and we forget about the soul in our music. We lose the connection with our hearts focussing on hitting the right notes in the right rhythm

Pouring artistry and expression in your playing is what you can do once you master the art of bowing and tone creation. That’s exactly what I teach in my online masterclass program ‘Bow like a pro’.

Do you want to play the violin solo theme from Schindler’s List too?

Here’s the sheet music I used:

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