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Why Should You Practice Daily?

Practicing daily? Should you really? Yes! Why do you have to practice daily? Automated movements When you start playing you need to learn a lot of automated movements. If you want to program these in your brain, you have to repeat them a lot so your brain can process...

What to Play at a Solo Violin Gig?

When you are asked to play the violin at a party, wedding or birthday... solo... do you know what to play? Watch this video and learn what I play when I have a solo gig and how YOU can learn to give a successful solo performance too! UPDATED: Click here to see my...

4 Tips on Bach’s Gavotte and Rondeau

Hi Zlata, I enjoy your violin education clips on youtube. Will you please take a look at my playing and give me some critique? Thank you sincerely, Li Child 4 Tips on Bach’s Gavotte and Rondeau Another question that I am happy to answer: Hi Zlata, I enjoy your violin...