How can you add more play to your work?

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

How can you add more play to your work, whatever it is you’re planning to do today?

It’s easy….

Less production 🏭

More inspiration 💫

This was the intention I set for this week in my journal.

After shooting over 1,400 online violin lessons, I have to challenge myself to keep each one unique and inspiring and not routine work.

I make them to teach things, but students don’t learn by being bored.

As a result I find having more play and less work actually helps. And the weird thing is every time I set an intention like this, I ‘produce’ more and better quality in less time.

After many weeks of batch shooting to prepare for my pregnancy leave, the routine started to slip in… just like the ‘work’ with longer and more complex videos that were a pain to edit.

This week I shot some different than normal videos that were a breeze to edit and add something to those I already have.

Curious to see them? Go to the link in my bio or search Violin Lounge in your YouTube app, then subscribe to my channel and you’ll be the first to see my new style violin lessons.

How can you add more play to your work, whatever it is you’re planning to do today?

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