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Classical violinist and online violin teacher Zlata Brouwer teaches you how to play the violin beautifully.

How to Run a High Level Violin Studio with Emily Williams | Violin Lounge TV #255

How to teach the violin on a high level and get paid well to do so? Is getting your students to practice a challenge for you as a violin teacher? In this episode of Violin Lounge TV I have an interesting interview with Emily Williams, violinist and teacher. She considers herself a 'hard' teachers and runs a high level violin studio. read more

String Review: Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold and No 1 E string vs Warchal Amber | Violin Lounge TV #254

After using Warchal Amber for a while I've switched to Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold combined with the No 1 E string. I've always love the warm and rich sound of the Ambers, but the Pirastro's give me a better response on the (golden) G string and generally have a larger tone. Watch this video for the full review: read more

[Video] Zlata’s Gear: What Violin, Bow, Strings etc do I have? | Violin Lounge TV #250

This episode is a little bit different, because instead of teaching you how to play violin, I'm going to share what violin, bow, case and other stuff I use personally. I tell you all about my violin, bow, case, shoulder rest, chinrest, strings, orchestra mute, rosin, tailpiece, tuner and even what I use for cleaning and caring. read more

Practice Finger Bowing to Bow Smoothly | Violin Lounge TV #241

This episode is about the exercise 'finger bowing'. It will help you bow more smoothly en make a beautiful sound on the violin! Beginners tend to bow mainly with their lower arm without much movement in their wrist and fingers creating the typical beginner sound. Your body will always do what's easiest based on movements you are familiar with. However, these movements from daily life aren't always the best for creating a beautiful tone on the violin. read more

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