EASY Meditation from Thaïs by Massenet in 1st and 3rd position

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Full tutorial of this EASY G major version of Meditation from Thaïs by Massenet.

You can play it in the first and third position:

Learn to Play Meditation from Thaïs by Massenet on the Violin: EASY version!

I’ve arranged this easy version of Meditation from Thaïs as a graduation piece of my 3rd position violin challenge.

In this piece you can add some beautiful glissandi (slides) that you’ve learn in the previous lessons of this challenge. 

Get the FREE sheet music and backing track right here.

This is lesson 5 of my FREE 3rd position violin challenge

This challenge takes you from the endless seeming beginner stage to an intermediate violinist. By learning to shift, you can play much more pieces on the violin. Click here to join the challenge, watch all videos and download the free PDF sheet music.


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