Do you ever decide something just because it feels better?

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Lifestyle | 0 comments

Do you ever decide on something just because it feels better? I switched midwives just because it didn’t feel good because I felt off after the first intake.

Within minutes she had crushed my dream of a natural non-clinical pregnancy that I was craving for after all the research you get with a twin pregnancy.

She didn’t seem to understand that it’s normal for twins to be born a bit earlier and smaller than a single baby. I mean, anyone seeing me at 35 weeks would understand that there simply was no space.

She told me to take aspirin every day throughout the whole pregnancy. Plus, all kinds of extra ultrasounds and blood tests and weird research.

It felt off and I asked around for a good midwife (thanks, @rinskeremigius), which brought me to the same one who already spoke to me online.

I did cancel the first midwife and just said ‘maybe you’re great at what you do, and you’ll probably have a lot of happy healthy clients, but for me, it just doesn’t feel right.

Doing this AND speaking out about it in plain language, without making up a stupid excuse or lying about moving to Australia, which was UNTHINKABLE at the time. Well, it felt, wow, soo liberating!

Maybe this midwife is just as good as the other, I thought… but it feels better! I did it because it FEELS BETTER.

However, it gets more interesting… 😵

A couple of weeks later I spoke to an old friend who used to be an MD studying to be an Ob/GYN. He has brought 400 babies into the world (well, the mothers did, but he helped) and he said that taking aspirin during pregnancy can cause the malformation of the baby and that the first midwife should appear at the medical disciplinary board. 😲😳

I’m glad my intuition saved my baby and me from this!

How have you made the best decisions in your life? Did you get there by writing down the pros and cons? Or go with your gut?

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