Carbon fiber violin bow

Zlata's line of quality carbon fiber bows for violin and viola

With our years long experience in selecting bows and helping players find there ideal bow, we now introduce our own line of carbon fiber bows. This has been our dream for years. These bows are specially made for us and exclusively available in our violin shop and webshop.

Because we have the bow produced ourselves and import them ourselves, we can offer high quality and very reasonable prices. The bows are a good alternative versus big brands like Codabow, while they are way more friendly for your wallet.

Our bows have a large percentage of carbon. Cheap carbon bows consist of only 25% carbon and for the rest they consist of glue and plastic. The higher the carbon percentage of a bow, the better the bow sounds and plays.

Each individual bow is checked by a luthier after production.

Carbon fiber violin bows are:

  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Light
  • Constant quality
  • Environmental friendly

Zlata's carbon fiber violin bows...

I will introduce my carbon fiber bows for violin and viola below! All bows are including FREE international delivery. The bows are sent safely in a special tube with a complimentary piece of Viennese rosin.

All bows are in stock and can be shipped immediately from the Netherlands (Europe). It will take several days for your package to arrive. We have experience shipping to the United States and it takes 2 to 3 office days.

If you have questions about your order or you want to pay via invoice instead of via Paypal, send an e-mail to

bonus fingerboard map and rosinviolin fingerboard mapOrder your bow NOW and get some awesome bonuses!

Violin and Viola Fingerboard Map

You'll receive the Violin and Viola Fingerboard Map for free! It's a poster package with the exact spots of ALL notes on the violin and viola. Also you'll receive a link to a tutorial page on how to use the poster to learn to play in tune on the violin and viola!

petz vienna best violin rosinGood quality rosin from Vienna

To use your new bow optimally, I'll include a piece of good quality Vienna rosin for FREE! With the Allegro and Vivace you'll receive student rosin and with the Presto bow you'll receive the professional Vienna's Best rosin that Zlata uses as well.